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A special case of Gradient Ascent Pulse Engineering (GRAPE) objective function and gradient with respect to the vector of waveform slice durations.




  drift               - the drift Liouvillian, a matrix

  controls            - control operators, a cell array 
                        of matrices

  waveform            - control coefficients for each control 
                        operator (columns) at each time slice
                        (rows), rad/s

  dt_grid             - time slice durations, a row vector
                        in the units of time chosen so that
                        the elements are of the order of 1

  time_unit           - unit of time, seconds; this is needed
                        because optimisers get stuck when the
                        variables are badly scaled
  rho_init            - initial state of the system, a column

  rho_targ            - target state of the system, a column


  fidelity            - fidelity of the control sequence

  grad                - gradient of the fidelity with respect to
                        the durations of the slices


At the moment, the function is not integrated with the rest of the optimal control module - use Matlab's optimisers (fmincon, fminunc, etc.).

See also

Optimal control module

Version 2.7, authors: Ilya Kuprov