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Voronoi tessellation on a sphere.




    xyz      - (3 x n) array, coordinates of n distinct vectors
                in R^3; these will be normalised

    res      - polygon edges longer than this resolution will
               have extra points added so that spherical plots
               look neat (optional, default is pi/180)


    vertices - (3 x m) array, coordinates of the vertices of the
                Voronoi tessellation

    indices  - (n x 1) cell array, j-th element contains the in-
                dices of the Voronoi cell vertices that corres-
                pond to xyz(:,j). Vertices are oriented counter-
                clockwise when looking from outside.

    polygons - (n x 1) cell array, j-th element contains the dis-
                cretised spherical polygonal coordinates of the
                vertices of the j-th Voronoi cell.

    sangles  - (n x 1) array, solid angles of each Voronoi cell


The output of fundamentals/quadratures/grid_diagrams.m file in the Spinach example set is given below. The solid lines are edges of Voronoi polyhedra computed using this function.

Voronoi example.png

See also

Kernel grid utilities, Powder grids

Version 2.6, authors: Ilya Kuprov