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Generates a weight matrix descrambler for a particular layer in a neural network using Tikhonov smoothness criterion. The particulars are described in




   S       - a matrix containing, in its columns, the outputs
             of the preceding layers of the neural network for
             a (preferably large) number of reasonable inputs

   n_iter  - maximum number of Newton-Raphson interations, 400
             is generally sufficient

   guess   - [optional] the initial guess for the descrambling
             transform generator (lower triangle is used), a
             reasonable choice is a zero matrix (default)


   P       - descrambling matrix. In the case when the network 
             is wiretapped before the activation function, i.e.

                            S = Wf(W...f(Wf(WX)))

             matrix P descrambles the output dimension of the
             left-most W. In the case when the network is wire
             tapped after the activation function, i.e.

                           S = f(Wf(W...f(Wf(WX))))

             matrix inv(P) descrambles the input dimension of
             the weight matrix of the subsequent layer.


An example of this function being applied to DEERNet is published in

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Version 2.5, authors: Jake Amey, Ilya Kuprov