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Lie-group and Runge-Kutta-Munthe-Kaas solvers for the Lie equation. LG methods are implementations of Equation A.1, with minor typos fixed, from ( The key difference from step.m function is that the Liouvillian can depend on the density matrix.




    spin_system - Spinach data structure from create.m
                  and basis.m constructors

    L - a handle to a function L(t,rho) that must take 
        time and state vector, and return the evolution
        generator (in rad/s) of the Lie equation:

                  d_rho/d_t = -i*L(t,rho)*rho

    rho_a - state vector at the start of the evolution 

    t   - time at the start of the evolution, seconds

    dt  - evolution time step, seconds

    method - 'PWCL', 'PWCM', 'RKMK4', or 'LG4',
             the latter one is recommended


    rho_b - state vector at the end of the evolution 
            time step

See also

Time evolution functions, step.m, isergen.m, evolution.m, krylov.m

Version 2.8, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Anupama Acharya, Andrew Graham