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Generates REPULSION grids on a unit hypersphere. Strangely enough, for all the apparent simplicity of the generation procedure, these are probably the best grids for most practical solid state magnetic resonance purposes. A large number of pre-computed grids is stored in kernel/grids. See the paper by Bak and Nielsen ( to get further information on the algorithm involved.




    npoints - number of points in the resulting spherical grid

      ndims - hypersphere dimension: 2 returns a single-angle 
              (beta) grid, 3 returns a two-angle grid (alpha,
              beta), 4 returns a three-angle (alpha,beta,gam-
              ma) spherical grid

      niter - number of repulsion interations (simple clipped
              gradient descent at the moment)


     alphas - alpha Euler angles of the grid, in radians,
              zeros for single-angle grids

      betas - beta Euler angles of the grid, in radians

     gammas - gamma Euler angles of the grid, in radians,
              zeros for two-angle grids

    weights - point weights of the grid


See kernel/grids directory for a long list of one-, two- and three angle REPULSION grids.


Uniform weights are assigned at the moment, use shrewd.m function to generate optimal weights.

See also

get_hull.m, grid_kron.m, grid_test.m, shrewd.m

Version 2.6, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Frederic Mentink-Vigier