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Sets up interaction tensors under partial ordering in a liquid crystal with the user-supplied order matrix. All adjustable parameters are set during the call to create.m function.




     spin_system  -  the output of create.m containing
                     spin system and interaction infor-
                     mation, which must include the or-
                     der matrix


     spin_system  -  the same object with anisotropic 
                     parts of all interaction tensors
                     replaced with their partial order


Below are the outputs of examples/liquid_crystals/rdc_fourspin.m simulation of CLIP-HSQC experiment on a four-spin system in the presence(left) and absence (right) of residual order.

Clip hsqc saupe.png Clip hsqc nosaupe.png


  1. This function is only applicable to high-field NMR.
  2. The function overwrites the interaction tensors supplied by the user. Relaxation superoperator, if required, must be computed before this function is called.
  3. This function is involed automatically by liquid.m context when parameters.needs cell array contains 'rdc'.

See also

dipolar.m, clip_hsqc.m

Liquid crystal order matrix

Version 2.8, authors: Luke Edwards, Ilya Kuprov