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RESPIRATION cross-polarisation method described in the paper from the Aarhus group (




   parameters.sweep              sweep width, Hz

   parameters.npoints            number of points in the FID

   parameters.rho0               initial state

   parameters.coil               detection state

   parameters.nloops             number of RESPIRATION loops

   parameters.theta              the angle of the ideal pulse
                                 at the end of each loop

   parameters.spins              working spins, e.g. {'1H',13C'}

   H     - Hamiltonian matrix, received from context function

   R     - relaxation superoperator, received from context function

   K     - kinetics superoperator, received from context function


   fid   - free induction decay as seen by the state specified
           in parameters parameters.coil

See also

cn2d_sq.m, cn2d_dq.m, crosspol.m, mqmas.m

Version 2.3, authors: Venkata-Subbarao Redrouthu, Ilya Kuprov