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Saturation-recovery pulse sequence with analytical saturation (just the unit state as the initial condition).




   parameters.sweep              spectrum sweep width, Hz

   parameters.npoints            number of points in the FID

   parameters.spins              nuclei on which the sequence runs,
                                 specified as {'1H'}, {'13C'}, etc.

   parameters.max_delay          longest relaxation delay

   parameters.n_delays           number of relaxation delays to run

   H     - Hamiltonian matrix, received from context function

   R     - relaxation superoperator, received from context function

   K     - kinetics superoperator, received from context function


   fids  - free induction decays for each delay starting from zero,
           a matrix with individual FIDs in columns


A simulation of a saturation-recovery experiment on strychnine (examples/nmr_liquids/sat_rec_strychnine.m) appears below - it is a stack of spectra obtained after different relaxation delays.

Sat rec strychnine.png


The relaxation superoperator must be thermalised.

See also

inv_rec.m, noesy.m, roesy.m, singlet.m, relaxation.m

Version 2.3, authors: Zak El-Machachi, Ilya Kuprov