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2D PRESS (voxel selective NMR) pulse sequence.




The sequence selectively excites one voxel and records its NMR spectrum. This sequence must be called from the imaging.m context, which would provide H,R,K,G, and F.


   parameters.ss_grad_amp - the two amplitudes of slice selection 
                            gradient, T/m

   parameters.rf_frq_list - cell array of two vectors of RF frequ-
                            encies at each pulse slice, Hz

   parameters.rf_amp_list - cell array of two vectors of RF 
                            amplitudes at each pulse slice, rad/s

   parameters.rf_dur_list - cell array of two vectors of pulse 
                            slice durations, in seconds

   parameters.rf_phi      - cell array of two pulse phases at 
                            time zero

   parameters.max_rank    - cell array of two maximum rank in the 
                            Fokker-Planck pulse operator (2 is 
                            usually enough)

   parameters.sp_grad_amp - crusher gradient amplitude, T/m

   parameters.sp_grad_dur - crusher gradient duration, seconds


   fid - free induction decay of the NMR spectrum


See press_2d_example.m file in examples/imaging directory.

See also

press_voxel_2d.m, imaging.m, phase_enc.m

Version 2.1, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Ahmed Allami