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Reads JCAMP-DX pulse waveform files. JCAMP-DX is a standard format in which pulse shaped are often distributed.




  filename   -   a string containing the name of the file

  npoints    -   waveform upsampling or downsampling is
                 performed to this number of points


  A          -   polar amplitude at each slice

  phi        -   polar phase at each slice, radians

  Cx         -   Cartesian amplitude in X at each slice

  Cy         -   Cartesian amplitude in Y at each slice

  scaling factor -   scaling factor for a given pulse shape


A few examples are distributed with Spinach, see /kernel/pulses/pk_files directory.


You can add your own pulse files to the same folder; please also consider sending them to us.

See also

shaped_pulse_af.m, shaped_pulse_xy.m, chirp_pulse_af.m, chirp_pulse_xy.m, step.m

Version 2.2, authors: Ilya Kuprov, Konstantin Pervushin