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Veshtort-Griffin shaped pulses, generated from tables given in ( There are good reasons to believe (see Section 2.2 of the paper) that these are the best possible pulses within their design specifications and basis sets.




    pulse_name - a character string, one of the following: E0A, 
                 E0B, E100A, E100B, E200A, E200D, E200F, E300C,
                 E300F, E400B, E300A, E500A, E500B, E500C, E600A,
                 E600C, E600F, E800A, E800B, E1000B

    npoints    - number of discrete time intervals in the pulse

    duration   - duration of the pulse, seconds


    waveform   - amplitude of the pulse at each interval (there
                 is no phase modulation), normalised to produce
                 a 90-degree pulse, rad/s


  >> t=linspace(0,1e-3,1000);
  >> w=vg_pulse('E800B',1000,1e-3);
  >> plot(t,w);

Vg pulse e800b.png

See also

chirp_pulse_xy.m, chirp_pulse_af.m, pulse_shape.m, sawtooth.m, triwave.m, shaped_pulse_xy.m, shaped_pulse_af.m

Version 2.4, authors: Ilya Kuprov