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R sequence compiler. Uses the fact that R-sequences are very repetitive to pre-compile the minimal number of pulse propagators.




   L         - background Liouvillian

   Sx,Sy     - Cartesian spin operators pertaining to
               the spins affected by the pulses

   pulse_phi - the sequence of pulse phases, radians

   pulse_amp - RF nutation frequency in rad/s, a scalar 
               because R-sequences are phase-modulated

   pulse_dur - duration of the pulses in the sequence 
               element, a vector with the length mat-
               ching the number of pulses in the sequ-
               ence element (seconds)

   element_type - R element needs to be an inversion 
                  pulse; common ones are:

                   '180_pulse'   : simple inversion pulse

                   '90270_pulse' : composite inversion pulse


   P - unique propagators, a cell array of matrices

   T - an index array of the same dimension as pulse_phi,
       specifying which propagator is to be used at which
       slice of the phase sequence

See also

Shaped pulses and gradients

Version 2.7, authors: Marina Carravetta, Ilya Kuprov