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Alan Kenwright's spatially encoded COSY sequence described in (Figure 4).




   parameters.sweep     sweep width in Hz

   parameters.npoints   number of points for both dimensions

   parameters.spins     nuclei on which the sequence runs,
                        specified as {'1H'}, {'13C'}, etc.

   parameters.tmix      mixing time, seconds

   parameters.gamp      gradient amplitude, T/m

   parameters.sal_ang   flip angle of the saltire chirp (degrees)

   parameters.sal_dur   pulse width of saltire chirp (s)

   parameters.sal_del   chirp pulse gradient duration (s)

   parameters.sal_swp   sweep width of saltire chirp (Hz)

   parameters.sal_npt   number of points in the saltire chirp

   parameters.sal_smf   saltire chirp smoothing factor

   H                    Fokker-Planck Hamiltonian, received
                        from the imaging context

   R                    Fokker-Planck relaxation superoperator,
                        received from the imaging context

   K                    Fokker-Planck kinetics superoperator,
                        received from the imaging context

   G                    Fokker-Planck gradient superoperators,
                        received from the imaging context

   F                    Fokker-Planck diffusion and flow super-
                        operator, received from the context


   fid  - two-dimensional free induction decay


Several examples may be found in the examples/nmr_spen directory. The PSYCOSY spectrum of salsalate is reproduced below, note that one of the two dimensions is pure shift.


See also

psyche.m, spencosy.m, spendosy.m, st_ideal.m

Version 2.4, authors: Alan Kenwright