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Ultrafast multiple-quantum NMR, a literal implementation of Figure 1A from (http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cphc.201800667).




    parameters.dims           -  size of the sample, m
    parameters.npts           - number of grid points in the sample
    parameters.npoints        - number of acquired points for each gradient readout
    parameters.nloops         - number of loop, where each loop consists of a positive
                                and a negative readout
    parameters.offset         - offset, Hz
    parameters.Ga             - acquisition gradient, T/m
    parameters.deltat         - timestep for acquisition, s
    parameters.pulsenpoints   - number of points in the pulse shape
    parameters.BW             -  bandwidth of the pulse, Hz
    parameters.Ge             -  encoding gradient, T/m
    parameters.Te             - duration of the pulse, s
    parameters.chirptype      - can be 'wurst' or 'smoothed'
    parameters.smfactor       - smoothing factor for the pulse
    The last five parameters (H,R,K,G,F) are built automatically by imaging.m context function 
    when this sequence is called from that context.


    fid -  free induction decay of the ultrafast NMR spectrum

See also

imaging.m, chirp_pulse_xy.m, shaped_pulse_xy.m, step.m, evolution.m, coherence.m

Version 2.3, authors: Maria Grazia Concilio, Ilya Kuprov