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Ultrafast 3D DOSY-COSY pulse sequence. Syntax:



parameters.dims           size of the sample in m

parameters.npts           number of spin packets

parameters.spins          nuclei on which the sequence runs

parameters.deltat         timestep for acquisition

parameters.npoints        number of acquired points for each 
                          gradient readout

parameters.nloops         number of loop, where each loop consists of 
                          a positive and a negative readout

parameters.Ga             acquisition gradient in T/m

parameters.pulsenpoints   number of points in the pulse shape

parameters.smfactor       smoothing factor for the pulse

parameters.Te             duration of the pulse

parameters.BW             bandwidth of the pulse

parameters.Ge             encoding gradient in T/m

parameters.Gp             coherence selection gradient in T/m

parameters.Tp             duration of the coherence selection gradient

parameters.chirptype      can be 'wurst' or 'smoothed'

H                         Fokker-Planck Hamiltonian

R                         Fokker-Planck relaxation superoperator

K                         Fokker-Planck kinetics superoperator

G                         Fokker-Planck gradient superoperators

F                         Fokker-Planck diffusion and flow superoperator

Note: the last five parameters are built automatically by imaging.m context function when this sequence is called from that context.

Version 1.9, authors: Jean-Nicolas Dumez, Ilya Kuprov, Ludmilla Guduff