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Oneshot DOSY pulse sequence.




    parameters.rho0          - initial state

    parameters.coil          - detection state
    parameters.spins         - nuclei on which the sequence runs
    parameters.g_amp         - gradient amplitude for diffusion encoding, T/m.
    parameters.g_dur         - pulse width of the gradient for diffusion encoding, s. 
    parameters.kappa         - unbalancing factor to unbalance the bipolar gradients in the ratio (1+kappa):(1-kappa).
    parameters.g_stab_del    - gradient stabilisation delay, s
    parameters.dims          - size of the sample, m
    parameters.npts          - number of discretization points in the grid
    parameters.diff          - diffusion constant (m^2/s)
    The last five parameters (H,R,K,G,F) are built automatically by imaging.m context function 
    when this sequence is called from that context.


    fid                      - free induction decay


An example is available in Spinach in: examples/nmr_spen/dosy_oneshot_1.m.

See also

imaging.m, step.m, evolution.m, coherence.m, idosyzs.m, spendosy.m, spendosycosy.m

Version 2.4, authors: Maria Grazia Concilio